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What Services Does Duff Digital Marketing Do For Roofing Cleints?

Sep 26

If you are looking to expand your business using digital marketing, you have to have an SEO-friendly site and a successful PPC campaign. Duff Digital Marketing can create a customized marketing plan to meet your specific needs. You can also get monthly reports to see how your marketing efforts are running. In addition, they provide social media marketing services as well as national packages. Other services offered include the creation of mobile-friendly websites and social media accounts, optimized content for SEO as well as custom logo development and application development.


Duff Digital Marketing specializes in SEO services. This includes the development of websites and social media management. They can assist you with the design of a mobile-friendly site. Additionally, they are able to create a customized logo and mobile app for your company. They're inexpensive and deliver results that you can measure.

SEO for roofing contractors includes several different elements that could boost your rank in the search engine results. The process starts by conducting keyword research, which involves selecting the most relevant search terms to your business. The keywords are then naturally integrated into the content of the website as well as title tags and other areas that are relevant. This process is referred to as SEO on-page and is a mix of marketing strategies.

Website design is also important for SEO. A professional agency can help you optimize your directory listings, ensuring that you are visible for the appropriate keywords. Additionally, it's essential to have the Google My Business listing for your business, which will include an address on the map.

Another advantage of hiring an SEO professional for your company is that they stay up-to-date on the latest trends in SEO. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and methods, and techniques that were successful a few years ago may no longer be effective. A roofing contractor can't keep up with the changes. This is why a company who specializes in SEO for roofing is an ideal choice.


PPC is an excellent way to get more clients for your roofing business. PPC (also also known as Google AdWords) is an online advertising vehicle that allows advertisements to appear on search engine result pages, similar to organic results. This technique has many advantages for consumers, search engines, and websites. It eliminates the lengthy and time-consuming process of ranking #1 on Google. PPC can also allow you to "pick your spot" in the event of ads.

Pay-per-click marketing is an essential element of any complete internet marketing strategy. It will help you reach various goals, including driving relevant traffic to your roofing website, increasing conversions, and creating new leads. Although this type of advertising can be a great way to increase your online business however, it does not come without its challenges.

Duff Digital Marketing offers free consultations to help you determine the best strategy for your business. Their team of experts understand the roofing industry and know how to effectively target your target market. They are able to deliver fast outcomes and boast a track record of success. They provide custom websites as well as social media management, and SEO-optimized contents. Other services offered by them include app development and customized logo design.

Alongside PPC advertising, Duff Digital Marketing can manage your website's social media accounts and design customized landing pages for your company. Their team keeps current with the latest internet marketing trends and can customize a campaign to meet the requirements of your company.

Social media

Social media is a great opportunity to engage with potential customers and raise brand awareness. Social media allows you to communicate with your audience in a natural way, without the need to make a sale. It is important to maintain a professional tone while making use of social media in order to educate your audience. But, you can also use social media to engage your audience and share engaging stories.

It is possible to make your roofing company more visible by using social media to engage with your target public. Depending on your industry your market of choice could include property management companies and business owners. Social media can be utilized to market your business as well as enhance your SEO.

Another way to attract new customers using roof social media is by using video and pictures to showcase your work. People love seeing faces, and want to know who the people doing the work are. It is important to post pictures of your roofing crew, along with their bios and job titles. This will help your prospective customers feel more connected to you and are more likely reach you with a question or concern.

Duff Digital Marketing offers many services including SEO, social networking and mobile web design. Duff Digital Marketing will optimize your website to get maximum visibility. They'll also establish an account on social media to represent your company. They'll also design a logo and mobile-friendly sites. Monthly reports will be sent to you so that you are aware of all marketing activities.

Web development

Duff Digital Marketing can help create a website that promotes your roofing company or just an online blog. The web design services they offer comprise SEO as well as social media marketing, and many more. They are designed to ensure that your business is found on the first search page of Google and improve your online visibility. They also can help you create a mobile-friendly website. Their team will also supply you with monthly updates on the progress of your campaign.

Duff Digital Marketing's team specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) as well as marketing in order to boost website traffic. Their website development as well as social media management solutions will help increase the rate at which your website is converted and improve your online visibility. The company's founder, Duff Ferguson, is also a sought-after business speaker. He lives with his family in Los Angeles.

Online platforms are an effective tool in any industry's marketing arsenal. Digital platforms let you collect valuable market insights and modify your marketing strategies based on the data. Thrive can help you discover the online potential of your roofing company. About 60 percent of potential customers search for roofing companies online. With their SEO services, Thrive can improve the effectiveness of keywords and title tags as well as publish unique content and release a wide range of content.

Duff Digital Marketing also offers various other services. Duff Digital Marketing also offers web development and management of social media, as well as Facebook advertising options that will improve the visibility of your company and boost sales. Their team has years of experience in online marketing and has worked with local small companies. They provide monthly reports and are dedicated to ensuring their clients see a return on their investment.

Email sign-up bars

The ability to sign up for emails is a fantastic method of increasing the number of subscribers. They can be put in the footer or header of your website. To draw attention of your visitors, you can also place these bars in pop-ups. This can help roofing contractors generate more leads and achieve higher return on investment.

Reports on campaign progress

The Presidential election is the major interest of the nation's public however the outcomes of the upcoming congressional races can impact roofing contractors' daily operations. According to Craig Brightup, a lobbyist for the roofing industry, Republicans are poised to increase seats in the House of Representatives. However, they have to accomplish some additional goals in order in order to reach their goals, including taking over the U.S. Senate.

There are also efforts to enhance the image of the industry in the public eye. Several regional and national certification initiatives are currently in process. On October 28 an upcoming fly-in lobbying event, Roofing Day III, will be launched across the country. Participants will advocate for immigration reform, funding for career and technical education, as well as for technological advancements in energy efficiency.

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